Maddie, gouche & pastels, 2014
Danielle & Addie, gouche & pastels, 2014
Precious gift, graphite pencil, 2014
Elizabeth Moses (after David Seidner)
Caroline Ellen (after David Seidner)
Untitled (after Da Vinci)
Suniva (after David Seidner)
Head of Madonna (after Michelangelo)
Head of David (after Michelangelo)
Notte (after Michelangelo)
A nude with pearls (from Uwe Scheid collection)
A nude with a mirror (from Uwe Scheid collection)
Pieta (after Michelangelo)
Hands (after Gustav Klimt)
Herr Durer (after Albrecht Durer)
Grace (after Botticelli)
David's back (after Michelangelo)
Hand of Christ (after Michelangelo)
Ermine (after Da Vinci)

artist  | Dorota Quiroz

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